Aamir is going to work on a remake of this Hollywood movie, the information has been revealed

Aamir Khan’s film ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ did not do well at the box office. In the hopes of the people, this film has failed to capture its full potential. People rejected the film outright. But now Aamir has come out of the gum of this film and made a big decision.

A remake of this film will be made

Aamir Khan has not appeared in any film after ‘Thugs of Hindustan’. But the latest information is coming that he will be seen in a remake of a Hollywood movie soon. According to the latest Filmfare report, Aamir Khan has started preparations for a Hindi remake of the Hollywood film ‘Forest Gump’, which will be announced soon. This will be the first Hollywood film to feature Aamir Khan.

Was met . Still for sale

For your information, I tell you, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks was seen in the Hollywood movie ‘Forest Gump’, the year the movie was released, no movie could earn more than that. The film won Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.


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