A suitable answer for trawlers: The trawler raised questions in the face of Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna, Krishna stopped with a funny answer.

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15 minutes ago

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Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff is quite active on social media after a breakup with boyfriend Iban. Although Krishna shared many compliments by sharing beautiful and bold pictures, recently a social media user commented on his face mented that Krishna handled the matter wisely and gave a funny answer which stopped the trawler from talking.

Krishna Shroff recently shared some glamorous pictures from her social media account. Seeing this, a user sent them a message saying, ‘You have done something with your appearance, it looks different’. Krishna gave a funny answer to this and said, ‘Babu, everyone feels that I have done something cosmetic on my face. However it is makeup. It is called on the lining of the lips.

Krishna further writes, ‘You woke up in the morning with a mediator, who will see you differently at night’. Hearing Krishna’s bold reply, the troll himself praised him and wrote, ‘The answer is, I did it very well’.

Krishna Shroff announced his separation from his lover Ibn

Tiger’s sister Krishna has been in a relationship with footballer Ibn Haymas for the last one and a half years. Iban and Krishna were together during the labdown and were constantly sharing romantic pictures. For the past few months, there have been rumors that the two will get married soon, but in the meantime, Krishna’s announcement of separation has taken everyone by surprise.

After announcing the breakup, Krishna said in a social media post, “All of you fan clubs are very good.” But please stop tagging me with Ibn in your edits. We are no longer together. So stop putting us together. You are all being told because our relationship was very public. Thanks. After the breakup, Krishna deleted all the cozy photos she shared with her boyfriend.

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