52-year-old Anu Agarwal: ‘Aashiqui Girl’ lost consciousness after falling into coma after an accident, now teaches yoga in slums

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23 days ago

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Bollywood actress Anu Agarwal turns 52 years old. He was born on 11 January 1969 in New Delhi. Anu became an overnight star in the 1990 film ‘Ashikui’. He later appeared in many more films but did not get as much popularity as ‘Aashiqui’. Far from the glamor world, Anu teaches poor children in slums without yoga.

Got a break at age 21

Anu Agarwal studied sociology from Delhi University. Mahesh Bhatt gave Anu his first break while studying in his film ‘Aashiqui’. Entering the acting world at the age of just 21, Anu gained much acclaim from the film and became an overnight star.

She later appeared in ‘Gazab Tamasha’, ‘Khalnaika’, ‘King Uncle’, ‘Kanyadan’, ‘BPL O’ and ‘Return to Jewel Thief’ but none of the films showed anything special. Anu has also acted in the Tamil film ‘Tiruda-Tiruda’ and the short film ‘The Cloud Door’. Also he has been wet on MTV for some days

Anu was in a coma for 29 days

After 1996, the film disappeared from the world, returning to nuclear yoga and spirituality. Meanwhile, a road accident in 1999 changed Anu’s life. Not only did he lose his memory as a result of the accident, but he was paralyzed.

When Anu regained consciousness after being in a coma for about 29 days, he completely forgot about himself. For Anu, who lost her memory, only her rebirth brought her memory back after a long nearly 3 years of treatment. Anu included her story in her autobiography ‘Unused: A Memorial Girl Who Came Back from the Dead’.


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