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Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has been released from the corona virus. He is not physically fit even after the report came negative. He believes that his body’s strength and immunity are significantly reduced by corona. Arjun doesn’t want to be infected again, so these days he is taking more precautions. In a recent conversation with Daily Bhaskar, Arjun shared his experience of war with Corona.

A lot of positive thoughts came to mind when Positive: Arjun

I would like to share this with those who think that the corona virus that will shut down the whole world in 2020 cannot do anything to them. To be honest when it came to my report, I was very confused. A lot of bad thoughts were coming to mind. There was also the frustration that the shooting was being canceled because of me. But the mind was calm, because I had to face it. After the report arrived, it took me six to eight hours to accept that Corona was not as dangerous as I was worried. The first few hours were quite exciting.

Sister Anshula arranged for separation

Luckily Anshula was at home then. He made my isolation so that I could live in my own home. I was cleaning my dishes and washroom. Eat and rest on disposable plates. Doctors told me that after 10 to 14 days the virus was less likely to spread, but we were still cautious because I had to start shooting again. I didn’t want to cause anyone else to get sick.

After 14 days my immunity decreased

My health has improved rapidly due to video calls and home support from doctors. But I had to be careful so that I could come back negative and start working on the set again. On the 14th day the doctor allowed me to leave my house and walk on the roof, but I was still very careful because I had to be careful. My immunity was somewhat weakened. I wanted energy so I started walking slowly. I started on September 20th and now we have reached the end of October. Now I think I’m fine.

Flu-like symptoms, however, require extra caution

Anyone reading this interview and believing that it won’t have any longer side effects, let me tell them that your body will have a lot of problems, fatigue, lack of fitness continue overnight body strength is not reduced It’s not like the flu. Its symptoms are similar to the flu, but you need to work harder and be more careful.

Don’t think 21 days is bad

I left the thought that Corona had been missing for 21 days. I remembered that this round would also end. I’m still very careful, because I don’t want to be one of those people whose virus replicates. I was also excited that I would hit it off. Even today when I go out, I never forget to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Misconceptions that young people have no compassion

Young people should take coronavirus seriously. I had very mild symptoms and took less time to recover. If you are young and think that corona virus cannot rob you then you are wrong. When I go to work, I don’t even meet my family and friends. Even now when I go to shoot, I try not to take part in social activities. I believe that this way you can protect your close relatives, friends and group from the virus.

New beginnings are possible till this Diwali

100 percent recovery state of mind. I feel positive, happy, calm, relaxed. I’m looking forward to going back to the set and starting working and putting 200 percent of my energy into it. But at the same time I care. Doctors have advised me to work one day at a time instead of working hard. I feel perfectly healthy but can stay physically 84 to 92 percent healthy. I am improving health. This Diwali I hope I will make a fresh start by leaving this chapter behind.

Will also complete other projects

I was coded, it does not mean that I believe that everything will be under the plan. I just hope and I pray to God for everything to go according to plan. We all have to work with care. This virus is not going anywhere. I’m glad to be able to work with this feeling in setting up that it’s a teamwork. I look forward to coming back, meeting people and overcoming the virus and making everyday life normal.

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Arjun Kapoor shared his bad experience of being positive in Corona – ‘Food was eaten on disposable plates, I had very bad thoughts’

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