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Netflix’s Indian series ‘Delhi Crime’ and ‘Nirvar Kand’ have won the ‘Best Drama Series’ at the 48th International Emmy Awards. Its height is not less than Oscar. The actors associated with the series shared the reasons behind its victory and stories related to the daily sculptor.

  • George W. Bush has no ‘shock and cure’ treatment in Kisagawa: Adil Hussein

The heinous crime was not shown with the same brutality. The dialogue was not about skill, obscenity, a splash of blood. Otherwise, the web series has support for violence, gender. It is easier to keep the audience engaged. Our show did not support them. There are two ways to show the truth. Somehow. Secondly in an artistic way. The ‘incident of reliance’ and the incident of catching the criminals are days. But we showed it in seven hours. Our goal was to show compassion and respect to the victim. That’s the reason I met Amy.

There is another way to show disgusting identity. As Anurag Kashyap says in the film. I call it the ‘shock and all’ treatment. Industry goes beyond disgust. Industry is also certainly a soft power. However its purpose is to show analysis. The work of its director and photographer gives a sense of documentary. Big shots are fired in one shot. Not all ordinary listeners feel it, but that photography fascinates everyone. So it is appropriate to get the award. This is not surprising.

  • Netflix came after the show was made, when it won in Sundance: Rajesh Telang

The story is delicately handled. Nowhere is there any glory of crime. His seriousness continued. Attempts have been made to touch every aspect. Ritchie has taken care of it both in terms of writing and direction. The crime did not originally have to be served. He knows cruelty in society. Society does not need to show a mirror every time. The matter should be discussed. There is news media to show it properly. It was becoming independent when we started making it. Netflix didn’t buy it then.

Even after it won, when it won the ‘Sundance Film Festival’, Netflix came on board. Otherwise, Richie Mehta and we were all working on a research material for four to five years. Otherwise no one knew that a platform would come. Our producers Achilles, Apurba, Pooja etc. also believed that we would make something. No one should buy. It was almost the same that we were going to do something good, it would definitely be good. If you do something honestly, you must have reached somewhere.

  • Worked in the character for 15 to 20 days: Mridul Sharma (who played the role of Doshi Jaisingh)

Investigates all the news related to him to play the role of a criminal named Jayasinghe. From the same body language, how he would decide, he observed other things very closely. With this in mind, I worked on the character for 15 to 20 days. My most memorable story related to the shooting is the intersection scene. The whole scene was shot at night. I was quite nervous about that. Second, he was starring opposite Shaun Rajesh Telang and Shefali Shah Zia. I was quite nervous about that. But when filming began, the director, crew members on the set created an environment that made the job easier.

The real protagonist of the police series as well as the real events. They found the culprits very quickly. In real life I would also punish the offender through the legal process. The show was a winner because everyone associated with it gave a big positive atmosphere. That’s why all the artists and crew members gave them 100%. As a result, it has given India an Oscar level.

  • The only writing material for this role was Nude Shooting at 5 Degrees: Sanjay Bishwanai (as Nirvar’s Friend)

Playing the role of a fearless friend was a big strategy. It wasn’t loud enough to meet anyone. The writing element had to go through the character’s skin. You are going somewhere in the capital of the country. Suddenly, five people attacked, which turned out to be such a tragic accident. Then what will you think of yourself from that day. Will you face his parents? How do you see yourself? It is very difficult to get out of such a state of mind. How people were treated. I study such cases. I have found out why these cases happen in India. He got a lot of help.

The memorable story of the shooting was the first day. The first shot was supposed to be shot in a nude body suit. The shooting took place at the original location, where Nirvana and her friend were left naked. The actress said that the naked body suit would be a throbback. So shoot naked. It looked very cold then. We were shooting January 16th. Yet keep the matter above me, which was my chance to work. Naked stems again.

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Adil Hussain, Sanjay Bishwanai, Rajesh Tailang and Mridul Sharma were the star actors of Delhi Crime.

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