4 months after the death of Chiranjeevi Sarja, his wife Meghna gave birth to a son. Uncle Dhruv bought 1 million pieces of silver two days ago.

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4 months ago, Kannada actor Chinarjeevi Sarja died of a heart attack. The death of 39-year-old Sarjar shocked his fans deeply, but now the grief is lessening. On Thursday, Chiranjeevi’s wife Meghna gave birth to their son, Junior Chiranjeevi. Following the news, Sarjar fans celebrated outside the hospital.

Junior has been seen going viral on social media in her father’s picture. In another photo, Dhruv is seen with Sarja Jr. on his lap. Dhruv also bought a silver cradle for the juniors for Rs 10 lakh two days ago.

Married two years ago
Chiranjeevi was born on October 17, 1900. He was married to Kannada film actress Meghna Raj on 2 May 2018, two years ago. Sarja acted in a total of 22 Kannada films. His last released film was ‘Shivarjun’, which was released shortly before the lockdown.

The child was waiting anxiously
Sarja was talking on the phone with her father around 1 pm on June 1, meanwhile Sarja suddenly started sweating and fell down. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he died. Chiranjeevi was anxiously waiting for her child. In such a situation, actor Chiranjeevi said goodbye to the world even before seeing the face of his first child.


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