30 years of Ravenna in Bollywood: Rabina Tandon didn’t want to be an actress, Sahelis gave a suggestion when she got her first film with Salis Khan

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19 minutes ago

Rabina Tandon has completed 30 years in Bollywood. He made his film debut in 1991 with Pathar Ke Phul. His hero in this film was Salman Khan. In an interview, the actress revealed that she never wanted to be an actress. But perhaps that was his fate. According to him, when he was in college, he did a few modeling projects with Ed Guru Prahlad Kakkar.

“When I was doing an internship with Prahlad Kakkar, people told me what I was doing behind the camera. Why not act openly in front of the camera?” He added, “I was a free-standing model of Prahlad’s company Genesis. Whenever no model came to work, Prahlad told Rabina to wear clothes.”

The story of Salman’s first meeting

Sharing an anecdote of her first meeting with Salman Khan, Rabina said that one day she was shooting in Bandra. Then came the phone call from his friend Bunty, who was also Salman’s friend. Bonti asks Rabin if they are around? If you are, come out and meet them.

When he went out to meet Bunty, he also appeared with her. Salman was then GP. Sippy was looking for a new girl to produce his new film ‘Pathar Ke Phul’. Rabin’s friend suggested seeing Salman. He said, “I said yes to the picture. My friends were excited to hear it. They started saying you don’t have to tell the picture or me after that, but do it.”

The friendship between the two still continues

Salman and Rabin’s friendship is still intact since the time of ‘Pathar Phul’. The two have worked together in films like Andaz Apna (1994) and Kahini Par Na Ho Jaaye (2000). Ravina has also appeared as a judge on Salman’s production reality show ‘Nach Baliye 9’. Salman himself became a celebrity guest in an episode.

Sharing her experience of Salman’s special episode of ‘Nach Baliye 9’, Rabina said in an interview, “They told everyone that they have known me for 120 years. They have a reason to relax. We will talk regularly on the set but when the episode aired, It simply came to our notice then. We then talked to each other about why we talk so much. “


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