22-year-old film soldier, Preity Zinta surprised – poor Bobby …

Preity Zinta, Bobby Deol (Photo Credit – RealPratigenta / Twitter Video)

Actress Preity Zinta shared the post on social media after 22 years of her photo Soldier. In this post, he has revealed a shiny information about Bobby Deol.

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Mumbai Soldier, released in 1998, is one of the classic Bollywood films. Today, the film turns 22 years old. On this special occasion, the lead actress of the film Preity Zinta shared an interesting post on social media. In this post, Preity has expressed her shock about Bobby Deol, the protagonist of the film. He also talked about the film with this post. He also shared an interesting episode related to the shooting of the film while sharing a video of the film’s song ‘Soldier-Soldier’. This video shows Preeti and Bobby Deol.

Preity Zinta Shared a video on his Twitter account. This video is from his 1998 film ‘Soldier’ ​​with Bobby Deol. In this video, where Preeti is seen wearing a cap on the cold side and her whole body is covered with warm clothes. At the same time, Bobby Deol is seen flaunting his biceps in a sleeveless dress. Preeti also shared the story about the shooting of this song in the caption of this video. Watch the video shared by Preeti here

While sharing the video, Preeti wrote in the caption- ‘My super hot and super cool movie #Soldier remembers the picture. I’m grateful for a lot of things … First of all my warm clothes শ it was cold at this time and there was a lot of wind when we were shooting. Poor Bobby, on the other hand, felt so cold and stingy.


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