16 years after Ayataz, Priyanka Chopra made a big revelation, saying – I was new to the industry then …

Priyanka Chopra (Photo Grab- @ Priyanka Chopra / Instagram)

Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) has made a big release after turning 16 with her picture ‘it taraj’ (16 years of itraj). Priyanka, who was seen on screen with amazing confidence, was really scared. Priyanka also gave the reason behind this.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has acted in multiple iconic characters in Bollywood. In addition to the lead actor in the film, Priyanka has also played the role of a villain. Today marks the 16th year (16 years of Itraj) of such a brave character ‘it Taraj’. The film starring Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor was a huge success at the box office and Priyanka’s performance in the film was also acclaimed. Today, on the occasion of turning 16 years old, Priyanka has made a big revelation related to this film.

Priyanka Chopra Objection shared a video full of 16 years. In which some of his clippings can be seen from the picture. In addition to this, Priyanka is seen in the video saying that the director of the film inspired her to die in this role. At the same time, in this video, Priyanka is considering this role as one of the most difficult characters. Check out this video shared by Priyanka here

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In 2004, a year after becoming an actor, I played the role of Sonia Roy in the Abbas-Mustan thriller Aitaz. This was the boldest part for me, which was very new to the film business. I must admit that I was scared as hell but inside me the artist was crying for the opportunity to do something interesting and Sonia was … wicked, predator Complex and self-serving for the most part, but surprisingly weak and sensitive. I will always be grateful to the two dynamic directors of Abbas-Mustan, for this role not only to trust a relative newcomer like me, but also to understand my obstacles and to give me a presentation to be proud of. Today, 16 years later, when I look back, Itraj was a game changer for me. It taught me to play my characters with perspective, not with judgment. # 20in2020 kareenakapoorkhan @akshykumar late #amrishpuri #abbasmustan @mukarartsltd 🎥: @ filmcompion

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In the caption of this video, Priyanka writes – ‘In 2004, one year as an actor, I played Sonia Roy in the Abbas-Mustan thriller Raj Taraj. It was the bravest of the characters I played, it was also a big risk because I was new to the film world at the time. I mean I was terrified but my inner artist was crying that I should do something interesting and Sonia was the same character … clever, hangover, embracing herself and surprisingly emotional ’. Priyanka further wrote- ‘I will always be grateful to the dynamic duo Abbas-Mastan, not only for believing in a newcomer like me for such a role, but also for understanding my inner talent and inspiring me to play such a character that I am today. Proudly, 16 years later, when I look back, the objection was a game changer for me. Which taught me to play each character with full devotion.


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