-1 year old Sanjay Dutt was cured of cancer, the fourth stage was caught 2 months ago.

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In August, Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer. He said he would soon beat cancer.-File photo

  • Sanjay’s friend told Daily Bhaskar
  • The actor’s PET scan was completed on Monday

Actor Sanjay Dutt has been cured of cancer. His close friend and trade analyst Raj Bansal gave this information. Sources at Kokilaben Hospital also told Daily Bhaskar. Sanjay Dutt and his wife may also formally announce the recognition in the evening.

On Monday, the 611-year-old Sanjur positron emission tomography (PET) report revealed that he was cancer-free. The PET scan is considered to be the most accurate test for cancer, showing the condition of the affected cancer cells.

What did the hospital source say?

“Cancer cells have a higher metabolic rate than other cells. Because of these high levels of chemical activity, cancer cells appear as bright spots on PET scans because these PET scans are useful in detecting cancer as well as knowing how far the cancer has spread in the body.”

Sanjay recently said – I will kill it

Recently, Sanjay Dutt spoke about his illness for the first time in a video. Celebrity hair stylist Alem Hakim has shared a video of Sanjay Dutt on his social media page. In it, Sanjay Dutt introduced Alim and showed the mark on his forehead, “If you see it, it will be the latest sign of my life, but I will lose it. I will soon be free of cancer.”

On August 11, cancer was revealed

Sanjay Dutt was admitted to Lilavati Hospital on August 8 after suffering from shortness of breath. Three days later, on August 11, it was revealed that he was battling lung cancer.

Kokilaben is undergoing treatment at the hospital

According to reports, Sanju was suffering from stage IV cancer and was undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. However, he or his family did not confirm this. After the news of Sanju’s illness reached the media, his wife Maniyata appealed to the people not to pay attention to the rumors.

“I thank all those who have prayed for Sanjur’s speedy recovery. We need our prayers to come out of this moment of crisis. This family has endured a lot at first, but I am sure time will pass again. To all of you. Sanju fans were requested not to pay attention to any rumors.


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